To Make Better Decisions, Combine Datasets

The Harvard Business Review just published this excellent article about decision making and data.  The key point it makes is that value and insights come from the ability to combine datasets.  Two thoughts emerge:

First, when purchasing and using technology, ensure that data can be shared in real-time (if not, at least exportable in a non-proprietary format!).  Otherwise, all you have is a fancy application that is good only for its intended purpose.  The value is when you purchase technology that serves many more purposes.  Today, that value is the ability to connect in real-time to other systems for better insights and information that is valid and current.

Second, we need more education on data science for every day disaster managers.  Information is being used in increasingly complex ways to support disaster decision making and strategy.  It is important that the workforce of today AND tomorrow can effectively harness this information to improve operations as well as their resilience and preparedness postures.  Information will become an Achilles heel unless proper thought and consideration is given to this topic.  

I am curious how you see these two topics.  How do they affect you?  Do you have more questions than answers about these topics?