It's Official, I am Blogging at

A couple weeks ago I was asked by Emergency Management to join them as a blogger.  When I got the call to join the publication I jumped at the chance to share my thoughts with many others.   

As of today, I am pleased to announce my own blog section at  I will continue blogging about resilience, innovation and technology on both websites, but each will have different content.  

Here is a link to my intro post at Emergency Management. 

How can you stay in touch...

You can follow my writings in four ways:

  1. Visit and
  2. Grab the RSS Feed for and
  3. Follow me on Twitter!
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The email newsletter is published every Friday with a curated set of posts from around the internet related to resilience, innovation, and technology.  Emails are also sent out when I publish new posts, regardless of the website I posted to.    

Have a question or topic you want me to cover?  Get in touch with me!  

Want to know about my background? Here is a short bio.