UN OCHA Job and Internships

In the past few days, I have received information on a great job opportunity as well as several internships at the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).  OCHA is the primary UN agency responsible for coordinating humanitarian relief efforts in a disaster.  

In recent years, there has been on a huge push to transform operations, so these positions have the potential to be very impactful.  I have also seen the work of the interns and they get a lot of visibility within the humanitarian community.  

Humanitarian Affairs Officer (P-3) (NYC)

Full Job Description

Within delegated authority, the Humanitarian Affairs Officer - Policy Innovation and Analysis (PAIS) will be responsible for the following duties: Supports the development of policy related to humanitarian action, with a focus on innovation and emerging trends, and prepares or contributes to the preparation of policy positions for OCHA on these issues. Organizes and prepares studies on humanitarian, emergency relief and related issues with a focus on innovation and emerging trends in humanitarian response. Organizes preparatory and follow-up work, including interagency technical review meetings to support analysis, policy development work and decision-making on important issues. Assists in the development, preparation and implementation of humanitarian policy events. Establishes and maintains contacts with other UN agencies, non-governmental organizations, diplomatic missions, think-tanks and academic institutions, and private sector companies, and build networks of subject matter experts around emerging issues. Prepares or contributes to the preparation of various written reports, documents and communications, including editing and publication management e.g. drafts sections of studies, background papers, policy guidelines, parliamentary documents, briefings, case studies, presentations, correspondence, etc. Serves as the primary focal point on specific topics or policy-related issues; keeps abreast of latest developments, liaises with other humanitarian organizations, donors, private sector actors, etc., ensures appropriate monitoring and reporting mechanisms; provides information and advice on a range of related issues. Reviews and provides advice on policy issues related to ensuring the effective delivery of humanitarian assistance. Organizes and participates in work groups, meetings, conferences, consultations with other agencies and partners on humanitarian and emergency relief-related matters. Provides guidance to, and may supervise, new/junior staff. Performs other duties as required.

UN OCHA Internships (Geneva)

If you are in the last year of your Bachelors, enrolled in your Masters/PhD, or within one year of having completed a Masters/PhD, and are interested, do apply. Otherwise, if you know someone who does qualify, kindly encourage them to apply.

Do not be discouraged by the job titles, the fine details of the job description or the burdensome online application process. The job descriptions are relatively general so we have a lot of room to modify the actual work.....and hopefully have more fun than the bland narrative may imply.

My past interns have had a lot of fun and do some interesting projects. A couple recent examples include an animation for the Humanitarian.ID project (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1jvwaLl8ds) and some in production lego-based stop-motion movies! Of course, we also do some more serious, research-based work and arrange for it to be shared publicly - like the Hashtag Standards for Emergencies.