NEW FEMA Social Media Jobs

FEMA has just taken yet another giant leap forward in progressing its social media presence.  In the coming month, FEMA will be hiring 9 new public affairs specialists to focus solely on social media.   (Thank you Kim Stephens for the lead!) These are brand new positions and will have a huge role in shaping the future of social media at FEMA.  In fact, this a trait that is desired.  Jason Lindsmithe, Social Media & Mobile Lead at FEMA states:

We’re looking for people willing to push the envelope, be creative, and set the gold standard for digital engagement before/during/after disasters.

They will work on disaster-related projects and priorities, so they’ll be fast-paced and work on highly visible initiatives.

The positions have 2-year terms, with the possibility for renewal following the two years, depending on available funding & need.

The positions below will expire on USAJobs on Tuesday, November 14.

  1. Public Affairs Specialist Social Content (CORE) GS-1035-9/11 (Link)
  2. Public Affairs Specialist Digital Engagement Mobile Platform (CORE) GS-1035-9/11 (Link)
  3. Digital Engagement Training Specialist (CORE) GS-1089-11/12 (Link)
  4. Public Affairs Specialist Digital Engagement-Multilingual (CORE) GS-7-9 (Link)
  5. Writer (CORE) GS-1089-9/11 (Link)

Other positions coming soon:

IT Specialist (CORE) Digital Engagement Programmer GS-2210-11

The incumbent is charged with enhancing functionality of the agency’s existing and new digital engagement channels to better reach those impacted by a disaster or emergency.

Public Affairs Specialist Digital Engagement Web Designer (CORE) GS-1035-9/11

The incumbent is charged with creating visually appealing digital products and websites as an important part of telling FEMA’s story, communicating critical safety and recovery information, and quickly impacting people who may be in the midst of an emergency.

Public Affairs Specialist Digital Engagement Web Content (CORE) GS-1035-9/11

The incumbent is charged with developing, implementing and evaluating digital communication plans and tools that contribute to improving FEMA communications operations and objectives through the effective use web tools and platforms.

Public Affairs Specialist Digital Engagement Social Listening (CORE) GS-1035-11/12

The incumbent is charged with effectively listening through social media channels to provide improved situational awareness during disasters, result in better messaging from ESF 15 during crises, and increase information sharing among FEMA its disaster response partners.