A New Type of Emergency Management Conference this September 21st and 22nd

I have always marveled at the production and expense of in-person conferences. They take a lot of resources to put together and the cost-benefit for attendance is sometimes hard to justify. However, virtual conferences are a great blend of individual webinars and in-person conferences where the focus is on maximizing learning and education for as many people as possible. 

That is why I am intrigued by my first invitation to speak at the 2-day Safety and Emergency Readiness Virtual Leadership Summit along with fifteen other safety and emergency preparedness pros this September 21st and 22nd. I will be speaking on Disaster Tech, Crisis Data, and Social Media in Emergency Management.

I hope you can join the conference live. If not, I hope you find benefit from the VIP All Access Pass where you can visit or re-visit all the presentations at any time. (See details below on how to register and get a special discount) Below is a 30-second video that explains more about the summit. It features a great line-up of presenters covering a wide range of topics. Hope to see you there…

In addition to speaking about Disaster Tech, Crisis Data, and Social Media in Emergency Management, there will be many others great speakers discussing key topics such as:

  • School Crisis Management
  • Economic Resilience
  • Faith-based & Community Partnerships
  • Ambassadors for Preparedness
  • Virtual Exercises
  • Business Preparedness
  • Public Health
  • Cyber security
  • Critical Infrastructure

The conference is 100% free! However, I recommend the VIP All Access Pass because it includes lifetime access to replays of the presentations, giveaways, and other helpful resources for only $125. Use my discount code of DISASTERNET10 for 10% off! Click the buttons to below to register.