New Job, Same Passion for Disaster Information and Technology

A few months ago I wrote a post on building better disaster resilience with information and technology. The post turned in to a philosophy of sorts that guided me in my pursuit of a new job.

I am happy to report that last Monday I reported to work at Obsidian, A Cadmus Company. Obsidian is a fast growing emergency management and homeland security consulting firm based in Washington, DC, but working nationally. 

The company prides itself on solving hard problems and the employees reflect it. Since Monday I have met very smart, intelligent, focused and driven individuals who are interested in more than a paycheck. They are interested in making a difference. This is why I happily accepted Obsidian's offer. I believe that to succeed in this industry and make a difference, you need a passion for the subject as well as for change. And, of course, it helps when you are surrounded by like-minded people!

While I will be working on a multitude of projects, I will not be abandoning my interests and passion for rethinking how we approach disaster information and technology. In fact, Obsidian has a growing focus on the intelligent and strategic uses of information and technology and I plan to support them in this pursuit. I will also continue my weekly email newsletter and continue blogging as much as I can amidst finishing my PhD nights and weekends. 

If you need anything or want to learn more about Obsidian, please don't hesitate to reach out! I am here for the long haul.