Emergency Response Planner [Job]

A friend just forwarded me a great job opportunity in emergency planning with Booz Allen. The job is housed in a Business Continuity environment, but the planning is emergency management focused. They are looking for somewhat junior person.

Job Description 

Emergency Response Planner-01187357

Key Role:  Work as a part of a dynamic, highly functioning team that manages Booz Allen's internal corporate business continuity, crisis, and emergency management program. Work with internal offices and teams globally to develop detailed plans and procedures to manage disruptive incidents affecting Booz Allen staff, offices, or operations. Develop training and exercises to measure program performance and enhance readiness. Lead or support training and exercises in the team and with other key corporate stakeholders. Monitor risks to Booz Allen and its employees on a continuous basis, provide situational awareness to firm leadership, and work with offices and teams to mitigate and manage risks. Contribute to the design or selection, implementation, and maintenance of decision support, planning, risk monitoring, and communications tools. Support the firm's response to crises and other disruptions, including the stand-up and operation of an incident operations center to centrally manage the firm's response. 

Basic Qualifications: Experience with operational planning. Experience with writing emergency response plans, contingency plans, evacuation plans, or emergency and tactical standard operating procedures (SOP). Experience with participating in the response to complex emergencies, including work in operations centers or fusion centers. Experience with risk and threat monitoring, analysis, and reporting. Experience with conducting training or briefings for senior personnel. Knowledge of private sector emergency and risk management principles and practices, including preparedness, mitigation, response, training, and exercises. Ability to pay strict attention to detail.

Additional Qualifications: Experience with private sector business continuity management principles and practices. Experience with commercial vendor tools for mass notification, business continuity, and risk monitoring and situational awareness. Experience with designing, implementing, and managing technology-based tools to compile, visualize, and present risk and operational dashboards. Possession of excellent oral and written communication skills. Possession of excellent presentation skills. BA or BS degree.