Tech Trends for Digital Volunteerism - An Introduction

Recently, there has been a surge of groups and tools supporting digital volunteerism.  Digital volunteers are "a new breed of people willing and able to respond is emergencies — ones with technical skills. These are digital volunteers who, whether they can code or simply use a computer or mobile device, are saying 'I want to help, so help me help!' They generally fall into two categories: 1) I have a technical skill [novice to advanced] that could help, or 2) I am not near the disaster and can't be there in person, but I want to help. They are not mutually exclusive." 

In the spirit of pushing this concept forward, I was recently asked to present on this topic to a number of non-profits that support disaster relief efforts.  Below is the presentation that outlines existing digital volunteer groups as well as some common tools.  There are of course many more tools, but this should provide a brief introduction.