Hurricane #Sandy Geotagged Social Media Maps w/Photos...Thanks @Geofeedia!

Geofeedia is releasing a number of regional maps that aggregate geotagged social media such as photos and videos on a map.  I highly recommend checking this out for real time visual information. Here is the message from Geofeedia...

Since the storm is expected to hit a large geographic area, we have created several regional Geofeeds which should help you to hone in on your particular areas of interest.

Here are a couple of other hints and suggestions as you cover the storm:

1. Draw your own smaller, more-targeted Geofeeds. These will leverage the data Geofeedia is already discovering in the background.

2. Want to see more photos? Turn off Twitter under the settings menu. There are A LOT of photos, but the significant volume of tweets can sometimes push them down in the queue.

Westchester and Fairfield Counties, New York

Staten Island and Jersey City


New York Boroughs

Philadelphia and Atlantic City

Ocean City and Cape May, NJ

Norfolk and Virginia Beach, VA

To all of our customers and friends on the East Coast, good luck and stay safe.

Best regards,

The Geofeedia Team