Social Media and Records Retention...It's Here!

With multiple social media accounts across multiple platforms, it is often difficult to aggregate the data and information.  Traditionally, aggregators have done a great job of helping us manage the multi-channel/multi-platform approach to social communications.  Tools such as HootsuiteTweetdeck, and Seesmic are low-cost options for getting started.  However, until now, they have not offered the ability to easily export and maintain the records of messages and conversations as required by some federal, state and local statutes.  Additionally, with thousands of messages sometimes flying around, it is hard to properly retain these records.   

Simly said, records retention has been a critical element missing as widespread adoption of social media continues.  However, Hootsuite, my favorite aggregator tool, has just added an archiving feature.  I haven't had a chance to play around with it much, nor has the company promoted the feature yet, but it looks promising to solve the legal issues associated with social media records retention.  You can archive 100 messages for free at this point.  Archiving 10,000 messages will cost you an extra $10/month.  Archiving 100,000 messages costs an additional $50/month.  

Either way, the costs are relatively minimal and provide a good opportunity to begin testing your social media prowess without overinvesting from the start!  The platform also provides enterprise management features that allow team members to coordinate, assign tasks, and manage specified accounts.  These are especially helpful if your social media presence is growing unweildy.  

What is your favorite aggregator?  How do you maintain your social media records?